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“Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)” is a classic soul song by The Temptations. Released in 1971, the song became one of the group’s most iconic and successful tracks.

Here are some key details about “Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)”:

Title: Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)
Artist: The Temptations
Release Date: January 1971
Album: Sky’s the Limit
Genre: Soul, R&B

Background: “Just My Imagination” was written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong. The song’s lyrics tell the story of a man who daydreams about a love that exists only in his imagination. The poignant and romantic lyrics are delivered with emotive vocals by The Temptations.

Musical Style: The song features a lush and melodic arrangement, characterized by orchestral elements and the smooth harmonies for which The Temptations were renowned. The instrumental accompaniment, including strings and a prominent bassline, enhances the dreamy and wistful atmosphere of the song.

Commercial Success: “Just My Imagination” was a commercial success for The Temptations, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States. The song also achieved critical acclaim for its soulful and introspective qualities.

Legacy: The song has endured as one of The Temptations’ signature hits. Its timeless appeal is evident in its continued presence on radio playlists and its inclusion in various compilations celebrating the best of soul and R&B music. “Just My Imagination” is often cited as one of the greatest soul ballads of all time.

Sky’s the Limit: The song is part of the album “Sky’s the Limit,” released in 1971. The album showcased The Temptations’ ability to navigate various musical styles and moods.

The Temptations: The Temptations, formed in the early 1960s, are one of the most successful and influential vocal groups in the history of soul and R&B music. Known for their harmonies and stage presence, the group achieved numerous chart-topping hits and became Motown legends.

“Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)” stands as a testament to The Temptations’ ability to convey deep emotions through their music. Its heartfelt lyrics and soulful delivery have made it a classic in the realm of R&B ballads.



“Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)”


Each day through my window I watch her as she passes by
I say to myself, “You’re such a lucky guy”
To have a girl like her is truly a dream come true
Out of all the fellows in the world, she belongs to you

But it was just my imagination
Runnin’ away with me
It was just my imagination
Runnin’ away with me

Ooh (Soon)
Soon we’ll be married and raise a family (Oh yeah)
A cozy little home out in the country
With two children, maybe three
I tell you I (I, I) can visualize it all
This couldn’t be a dream, for too real it all seems

But it was just my imagination, once again
Runnin’ away with me
Tell you, it was just my imagination
Runnin’ away with me

Ev’ry night on my knees I pray
“Dear Lord, hear my plea
Don’t ever let another take her love from me”
Or I will surely die, hmm
(Her love is) heavenly
When her arms enfold me
I hear a tender rhapsody
But in reality
She doesn’t even know me

(Just my imagination) Once again
Runnin’ away with me, oh
Tell you it was just my imagination
Runnin’ away with me

I’ve never met her but I can’t forget her
(Just my imagination) Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Runnin’ away with me, ooh
Just my imagination
Runnin’ away with me

She’s never hard to find (Just my imagination)
She’s always on my mind (Runnin’ away with me)

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