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“And I Love You So” is a heartfelt ballad recorded by Elvis Presley and has been covered by various artists. Here are the details:

Title: And I Love You So

Artist: Elvis Presley

Album: Today (1975)

Genre: Pop, Country

Release Date: March 1975 (album release)

Lyricist and Composer: Don McLean

Key Themes: “And I Love You So” is a tender love ballad that reflects on the enduring nature of love. The lyrics convey a sense of deep affection and a commitment to love someone through various stages of life. The song explores the timeless theme of enduring love and the emotions that come with it.

Musical Style: The song features a gentle and melodic arrangement, with Elvis Presley’s vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar and orchestral elements. It has a contemplative and nostalgic feel, capturing the introspective mood of the lyrics.

Cultural Impact: While “And I Love You So” was not released as a single by Elvis Presley, it gained popularity through its inclusion on the album “Today.” The song has been covered by various artists, contributing to its enduring appeal. It’s considered a classic in the realm of love ballads.

Legacy: Elvis Presley’s rendition of “And I Love You So” remains a poignant and well-regarded interpretation of the song. The track showcases Presley’s ability to convey emotion through his distinctive voice and his versatility in interpreting a variety of musical styles.

The song’s enduring popularity is evident in its continued use in various media and its inclusion in retrospectives of Elvis’s career. “And I Love You So” stands as a testament to Elvis Presley’s ability to connect with audiences through heartfelt and emotionally resonant performances.



”And I Love You So”

And I love you so,
The people ask me how,
How I’ve lived till now
I tell them I don’t knowI guess they understand
How lonely life has been
But life began again
The day you took my hand

And yes I know how lonely life can be
Shadows follow me
The night won’t set me free
But I don’t let the evening get me down
Now that you’re around me

And you love me too
Your thoughts are just for me
You set my spirit free
I’m happy that you do

The book of life is brief
Once the page is read
All but love is dead
This is my believe

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