About The Song

Title: See See Rider

Artist: Elvis Presley

Genre: Blues, Rock and Roll

Release Date: January 1970 (Live version)

Album: On Stage (1970)

Writer: Traditional (Arranged by Elvis Presley)

Key Themes: “See See Rider” is a classic blues song that Elvis Presley often performed live during his concerts. The lyrics tell the story of a man expressing his feelings to “See See Rider,” a term that could refer to a woman or a specific type of train. The song captures the essence of the blues with its themes of longing and heartache.

Musical Style: Elvis Presley’s rendition of “See See Rider” blends blues and rock and roll elements. The live version, in particular, features a dynamic arrangement with a driving rhythm, soulful vocals from Elvis, and powerful instrumental backing from his band. The song showcases Elvis’s ability to infuse his own style into traditional blues tunes.

Cultural Impact: “See See Rider” was a staple in Elvis Presley’s live performances, and his energetic renditions of the song became a highlight of his concerts. While there are various versions of the song by different artists, Elvis’s take on “See See Rider” is one of the most well-known and celebrated interpretations.

Legacy: Elvis Presley’s live version of “See See Rider” remains a fan favorite and a testament to his versatility as a performer. The song’s influence extends beyond its initial release, and it is often remembered as a key component of Elvis’s stage repertoire. The live performances of “See See Rider” continue to be appreciated by audiences worldwide.

Elvis Presley’s rendition of “See See Rider” showcases his ability to breathe new life into traditional blues material, creating a memorable and dynamic performance that resonates with fans of blues and rock and roll alike.



“See See Rider”

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I said see, see, see rider
Oh, see what you have done
I said see, see, see rider
Oh, see what you have done
Oh girl, you made me love you
Now, now, now your lovin’ man has gonehear what I say

Well, I’m going away, baby
And I won’t be back to fall
Well, I’m going away baby
And I won’t be back to fall
And if I find me a good girl
I won’t, I won’t be back at all

Hear what I say, I said

See see rider,
Oh see what you have done
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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