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“That’s All Right” is a historic song by Elvis Presley, often considered one of the first rock and roll recordings. Here are some details about the song:

Title: That’s All Right

Artist: Elvis Presley

Release Date: July 19, 1954

Label: Sun Records

Writers: Arthur Crudup

Genre: Rock and Roll, Blues

Background: “That’s All Right” was originally written and recorded by blues musician Arthur Crudup in 1946. Elvis Presley’s version, however, is the one that gained widespread attention and is credited with being a pivotal moment in the evolution of rock and roll. Elvis recorded the song on July 5, 1954, during an impromptu jam session at Sun Studio in Memphis.

Musical Style: The song is a fusion of blues and country elements, with a distinctive rockabilly feel. Elvis’s raw and energetic vocals, combined with Scotty Moore’s guitar and Bill Black’s bass, created a sound that was fresh and different from the mainstream music of the time. The spontaneous nature of the recording contributed to its authenticity.

Chart Performance: While “That’s All Right” did not initially top national charts, it garnered attention locally in Memphis and set the stage for Elvis’s rise to fame. The song’s impact on the music scene, especially in the Southern United States, was significant.

Legacy: “That’s All Right” is often considered Elvis Presley’s breakthrough moment and a crucial recording in the history of rock and roll. It marked the beginning of Presley’s revolutionary approach to music and contributed to the blending of genres that defined the rock and roll era.

Cultural Impact: The song is a cultural landmark and has been recognized for its influence on subsequent generations of musicians. Elvis’s rendition of “That’s All Right” has been covered by various artists, and the recording is preserved in the National Recording Registry for its cultural significance.

Awards: While the song didn’t receive traditional awards, its impact on popular music is immeasurable. Elvis’s contribution to the rock and roll genre is often acknowledged through honors and recognition for his pioneering work.

“That’s All Right” is a seminal recording that introduced the world to the distinctive sound and style of Elvis Presley. Its place in the history of rock and roll is secure, and it remains a symbol of the cultural revolution that transformed the music industry in the mid-20th century.



That’s All Right

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(Arthur Crudup)
Well, that’s all right, mama
That’s all right for you
That’s all right mama, just anyway you do
Well, that’s all right, that’s all right.
That’s all right now mama, anyway you do

Mama she done told me,
Papa done told me too
‘Son, that gal your foolin’ with,
She ain’t no good for you’
But, that’s all right, that’s all right.
That’s all right now mama, anyway you do

I’m leaving town, baby
I’m leaving town for sure
Well, then you won’t be bothered with
Me hanging ’round your door
Well, that’s all right, that’s all right.
That’s all right now mama, anyway you do

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