Ricky Nelson’s haunting ballad, “Lonesome Town” is a timeless classic that has resonated with music enthusiasts for decades. In this article, we’ll delve into the poignant story behind this iconic song and explore interesting facts about the talented artist who brought it to life.Rick Nelson - Iconic Pop Singer-Songwriter | uDiscover Music

Did You Know?

  • Ricky Nelson, originally known as Eric Hilliard Nelson, was a multifaceted talent. Apart from being a gifted singer, he was also a successful actor, known for his role in the popular TV series, “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet”.
  • “Lonesome Town” was released in 1958 as part of Ricky Nelson’s second album, “Ricky Nelson”. The song struck a chord with listeners, rising to become one of his signature tracks.
  • Ricky Nelson’s music was a significant influence on the early rock and roll era. His smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics helped pave the way for future artists and genres, earning him a well-deserved place in music history.
  • “Lonesome Town” is often praised for its emotional depth and relatable lyrics. The song captures the universal feeling of loneliness and heartache, making it a timeless favorite for anyone who has experienced lost love.
  • Tragically, Ricky Nelson’s life was cut short in a plane crash in 1985, but his music, including “Lonesome Town”, continues to touch the hearts of new generations.

Ricky Nelson: The Rockabilly Era


Lyrics: Lonesome Town 

There’s a place where lovers go
To cry their troubles away
And they call it
Lonesome Town
Where the broken hearts stayYou can buy a dream or two
To last you all through the years
And the only price you pay
Is a heart full of tears

Goin’ down to Lonesome Town
Where the broken hearts stay
Goin’ down to Lonesome Town
To cry my troubles away

In the town of broken dreams
The streets are filled with regret
Maybe down in Lonesome Town
I can learn to forget

Maybe down in Lonesome Town
I can learn to forget
Lonesome Town

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