In the world of music, some songs transcend the boundaries of time and continue to resonate with audiences, evoking powerful emotions. “My Prayer” by The Righteous Brothers is undeniably one such timeless gem. This enchanting composition, originally recorded in the 1950s, still captivates hearts with its heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies. In this article, we will dive into the soul-stirring journey of “My Prayer” and explore the remarkable history and influence of The Righteous Brothers.Bill Medley glad to be back on road, in “righteous” concerts | OurQuadCities

Did You Know?

About “My Prayer”

“My Prayer” is a classic love ballad originally written by Georges Boulanger and Jimmy Kennedy. The song gained immense popularity when it was recorded by The Platters in 1956. However, it was The Righteous Brothers’ rendition that truly breathed new life into this timeless classic.

The Righteous Brothers

The Righteous Brothers were an American musical duo consisting of Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield. Their partnership, known for its powerful vocal harmonies, gave birth to some of the most iconic songs in the history of popular music. “My Prayer” is just one example of their extraordinary talent.

Influence and Legacy

“My Prayer” by The Righteous Brothers not only climbed the charts but also found its way into the hearts of countless listeners. Its enduring legacy can be seen in how it has been covered and sampled by various artists throughout the years. The song’s universal themes of love and longing continue to make it a beloved choice for romantic occasions.

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Lyrics: My Prayer 

When the twilight is gone and no songbirds are singing
When the twilight is gone, you come into my heart
And here in my heart you will stay while I pray

My prayer is to linger with you
At the end of the day in a dream, that’s divine
My prayer is a rapture in blue
With the world far away and your lips close to mine

Tonight while our hearts are aglow
Oh, tell me the words that I’m longing to know

My prayer and the answer you give
May they still be the same for as long as we live
That you’ll always be there at the end of my prayer

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