Elvis Presley, the undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, gifted the world with a plethora of hits that transcended generations. One such gem is “[Such An] Easy Question.” Released in 1962, this lively and infectious track exemplifies Elvis’s ability to combine catchy melodies with his signature charismatic style, making it an enduring favorite among fans worldwide.

Did You Know?

“[Such An] Easy Question” represents Elvis Presley at the pinnacle of his pop-infused sound. Recorded during a period marked by his creative versatility, the song is a testament to his ability to effortlessly blend rock and pop elements. The upbeat tempo and playful lyrics showcase a different side of Elvis’s musical persona, capturing the essence of his dynamic and ever-evolving artistry.

As one of the many hits that contributed to Elvis’s chart-topping success, “[Such An] Easy Question” remains a testament to his cross-genre appeal and the undeniable charm that endeared him to audiences of all ages.


Do you or don’t you love me
Such an easy question
Why can’t I get an answer
Tell me, will you or won’t you need me
Such an easy question
Why can’t I get an answer

All you do is give a sigh
And beat around the bush
Can it be that you’re too shy

To give yourself a little old push
Can you or can’t you tell me yes
It’s such an easy question
Why can’t I get an answer

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