Step into the enchanting world of young love and romance with “Johnny Angel” by Shelley Fabares. Released in 1962, this timeless classic captures the innocence and sweetness of teenage infatuation, as expressed through Fabares’ angelic vocals and dreamy lyrics. Join us as we journey through the tender melodies and heartfelt sentiment of this iconic love song and rediscover its enduring allure.

Did You Know?

1. Chart-Topping Success:

“Johnny Angel” was a major hit for Shelley Fabares, reaching the top of the charts and becoming one of the defining songs of the early 1960s. Its sweet melody and romantic lyrics resonated with audiences, earning it widespread acclaim and enduring popularity.

2. Teenage Infatuation:

The lyrics of “Johnny Angel” tell the story of a young girl who is smitten with a boy named Johnny Angel, dreaming of the day he will return her affections. The song’s innocent portrayal of teenage infatuation struck a chord with listeners, capturing the universal experience of young love and romance.

3. Shelley Fabares:

As a talented actress and singer, Shelley Fabares captured the hearts of audiences with her charm and charisma. With hits like “Johnny Angel” and “The Things We Did Last Summer,” she established herself as one of the leading female artists of the 1960s.

4. Enduring Legacy:

Decades after its release, “Johnny Angel” continues to captivate listeners with its timeless charm and nostalgic appeal. Its sweet melody and dreamy lyrics evoke feelings of innocence and nostalgia, making it a cherished favorite for generations of music lovers.

5. Cultural Impact:

Beyond its commercial success, “Johnny Angel” holds significant cultural importance as a symbol of teenage romance and innocence. Its enduring popularity and universal appeal have cemented its place in the pantheon of timeless love songs, ensuring its continued resonance with audiences around the world.


Lyrics: Johnny Angel

(Johnny Angel, Johnny Angel, Johnny Angel)
Johnny Angel, you’re an angel to me[Verse 1]
Johnny Angel, how I love him
He’s got something that I can’t resist
But he doesn’t even know that I exist

[Verse 2]
Johnny Angel, how I want him
How I tingle when he passes by
Every time he says hello, my heart begins to fly

(I’m in Heaven) I get carried away
I dream of him and me
And how it’s gonna be
(Other fellas) Call me up for a date
But I just sit and wait
I’d rather concentrate

On Johnny Angel (Johnny Angel)
‘Cause I love him (‘Cause I love him)
And I pray that someday he’ll love me
And together we will see
How lovely Heaven will be

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