Patti LaBelle and The Bluebelles’ “Down the Aisle” is a timeless classic that has touched the hearts of music lovers for generations. This enchanting song, with its soulful harmonies and emotional depth, has been a source of inspiration and joy for countless couples as they embark on their journey down the wedding aisle. In this article, we’ll delve into the captivating history of this song and the remarkable artist behind it.Patti Labelle And The Bluebelles by Bettmann

Did You Know?

“Down the Aisle” was originally released in 1963 by Patti LaBelle and The Bluebelles. The group, led by the incomparable Patti LaBelle, was known for their powerful vocal performances and unforgettable stage presence. The song, with its sweet melodies and heartfelt lyrics, quickly became a wedding favorite.

Patti LaBelle, born Patricia Louise Holt-Edwards, is a celebrated American singer, actress, and entrepreneur. She gained fame not only for her incredible vocal range but also for her dynamic stage presence. Over the years, Patti LaBelle has received numerous accolades, including Grammy Awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her influence on the music industry is immeasurable, and “Down the Aisle” is just one example of her enduring legacy.Patti Labelle And The Bluebelles By Bettmann


Lyrics: Down the Aisle

Down the aisle I’ll walk with you
Just to hear the words I do
All of my life I want to be
Good and sweet till eternity

I do thee wed this day
With this ring we go our way
For better or worse I take thee wed
By your hand I will be led

Through the years we’ll live in bliss
Life will be full of happiness
Oh chimes from the church bells will ring
With each hour they’ll be rippling

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
I am yours to cherish and behold
With this little band of gold

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