Elvis Presley, the undisputed King of Rock and Roll, left an indelible mark on the music industry, and one of his lesser-known gems is the song “Marguerita.” This enchanting melody, often overshadowed by his more popular hits, deserves a spotlight for its unique charm and the timeless allure of Presley’s voice.

Did You Know?

“Marguerita” is a hidden treasure within Elvis Presley’s vast discography. Recorded during the 1973 Stax sessions in Memphis, the song encapsulates Presley’s versatility, seamlessly blending elements of rock, soul, and blues. Despite not gaining mainstream attention, “Marguerita” showcases Presley’s ability to infuse emotion into every note, making it a must-listen for true Elvis enthusiasts.


Lyrics: Marguerita

Who makes my heart beat like thunder?
Who makes my temperature rise?
Who makes me tremble with wonderful rapture
With one burning glance, from her eyes


Once I was free as a gypsy
A creature too wild to tame
Then suddenly I saw, Marguerita
And I was caught, like a moth in the flame

Marguerita…is her name


Her lips have made me her prisoner
A slave to her every command
She captivates me, and intoxicates me
With one little touch of her hand


Sweet…Marguerita…sweet, sweet Marguerita….

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