Step into the enchanting sequel of rock ‘n’ roll history with Elvis Presley’s “Kissin’ Cousins (No. 2),” a dynamic continuation released in 1964. Building on the success of its predecessor, this musical gem takes us on a journey of rhythm, melody, and the unmistakable charm of the King himself. Join us as we unravel the captivating story behind this iconic sequel.

Did You Know?

“Kissin’ Cousins (No. 2)” not only follows in the footsteps of the original hit but also adds a new layer to Elvis’s musical legacy. Did you know that this sequel showcases the King’s ability to evolve his sound while maintaining the infectious energy that defines his rock ‘n’ roll era? Explore the nuances of this follow-up hit as we delve into the musical narrative that sets it apart.

For a deeper exploration of the rhythmic evolution in “Kissin’ Cousins (No. 2)” and to relive the magic of Elvis Presley’s rock ‘n’ roll revival, continue reading our blog posts. Let the King’s beats transport you to a world of timeless music and unparalleled charisma. 🎵🕺


Cousins, kissin’ cousins
Kissin’s allowed ‘cos we’re proud to be cousins
What’s a little teasin’, huggin’ and a-squeezin’
Between us cousins.
Oh it’s so great to be one big family
And we show it, yes we show it
You see, we never feud, we’re a happy brood
Folks all know it, yes they know it
Cousins, kissin’ cousins
Honey we dress and we mess
We’re just cousins,
Cousins, kissin’ cousins
Cousins, kissin’ cousins

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