Gladys Knight and the Pips, the soulful powerhouse of the Motown era, delivered a timeless classic with “Neither One of Us.” Released in 1973, this emotionally charged ballad showcases Gladys Knight’s powerful vocals and the group’s ability to convey heart-wrenching stories through their music.

Did You Know?

“Neither One of Us” is a poignant tale of love on the brink of dissolution, expressing the pain of two people drifting apart. Gladys Knight’s soul-stirring delivery, coupled with the harmonies of The Pips, elevates the song to a level of emotional intensity that resonates with listeners. Released as the title track of their album, the song became a chart-topping success, earning the group critical acclaim.

Gladys Knight and the Pips, with Gladys Knight’s distinctive voice leading the way, carved a lasting legacy in the R&B genre. “Neither One of Us” not only showcases their musical prowess but also stands as a testament to the enduring power of soulful storytelling.


Lyrics: Neither One Of Us 

It’s sad to think we’re not gonna be here
And it’s gotten to the point
Where we just can’t fake it
For some forgotten reason
We just won’t let it be

I guess neither one of us
Neither one of us wants to be the first to say good-bye

I keep wondering
What I’m gonna do without you
And I guess you must be wondering the same thing too
So we go on
Go on together
Living a lie

Every time I find the nerve
Every time I find the nerve to say I’m leaving

Those old memories get in my way
Lord knows it’s only me
Only know it’s me
That I’m missing you
When it comes to saying good-bye
That a simple word that I just cannot say
There can be no way
There can be no way
This can have a happy ending
No, no
So we just go on
Hurting and pretending
Convincing ourselves to give it just one more try

Neither one of us wants to be the first to say
Neither one of us wants to be the first to say
Farewell my love

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