Where Did You Stay

Hey music lovers! Today, I want to introduce you to a timeless classic that will transport you back to the golden era of rock and roll. The song I’m talking about is “Where Did You Stay” by the legendary Fats Domino.

Released in 1959, “Where Did You Stay” is a true gem in Fats Domino’s discography. Known for his smooth vocals and infectious piano playing, Fats Domino was a pioneer of the New Orleans sound that influenced countless musicians.

The composition history of this song is quite fascinating. Fats Domino co-wrote it with his long-time collaborator, Dave Bartholomew. Together, they crafted a catchy melody that perfectly showcases Fats Domino’s signature style. The song features a lively piano riff, toe-tapping rhythm, and heartfelt lyrics that will resonate with anyone who has experienced the pain of a lost love.

But what sets “Where Did You Stay” apart is its emotional depth. Fats Domino’s soulful delivery brings out the raw emotions of heartbreak, making it a relatable and timeless piece of music. The song captures the essence of the era, with its blend of rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and a touch of New Orleans jazz.

Over the years, “Where Did You Stay” has left an indelible mark on the music industry. It has been covered by various artists, each adding their unique touch to the song. Its influence can be heard in the works of musicians who were inspired by Fats Domino’s style, such as Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard.

If you’re new to Fats Domino’s music, “Where Did You Stay” is the perfect introduction. Its timeless appeal and infectious energy will have you hooked from the first note. So, why not give it a listen and let the music take you on a journey back in time?

For more information about Fats Domino and his incredible contributions to music, check out his biography. And if you’re craving more of Fats Domino’s music, I highly recommend exploring his discography. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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Where Did You Stay – Fats Domino lyrics

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Where did you stay last night, you’re clothes ain’t fittin’ rightCome home this mornin’ when the sun was shinin’ brightI called you on the phone but you wasn’t homeStood out all night, baby, you know I know you know that’s wrongI tried to treat you nice but you just won’t do rightCome home this mornin’ baby, no that wasn’t rightI tried to treat you nice but you just won’t do rightCome home this mornin’ when the sun was shinin’ brightThis time I’m goin’ away, ain’t comin’ back no more‘Cause you don’t want me now I figure it’s time for me to go

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