Tired of Crying

Hey there music lovers! Today, I want to introduce you to a timeless classic that will surely tug at your heartstrings. The song I’m talking about is “Tired of Crying” by the legendary Fats Domino.

Released in 1957, “Tired of Crying” is a soulful ballad that showcases Fats Domino’s incredible talent as a singer and pianist. Known for his smooth vocals and infectious piano melodies, Fats Domino was a pioneer of rock and roll and a true icon of his time.

The composition history of “Tired of Crying” is quite fascinating. It was written by Fats Domino himself, along with his longtime collaborator, Dave Bartholomew. The song was recorded in New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz and blues, which undoubtedly influenced its soulful sound.

Now, let’s talk about the meaning behind the song. “Tired of Crying” is a heartfelt expression of longing and heartbreak. Fats Domino’s emotive vocals perfectly capture the pain and weariness of a love gone wrong. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a person who has reached their breaking point and is ready to move on from the tears and sorrow.

Over the years, “Tired of Crying” has had a significant influence on the music industry. Its soulful sound and heartfelt lyrics have inspired countless artists and continue to resonate with listeners today. The song’s timeless appeal is a testament to Fats Domino’s immense talent and his ability to connect with audiences on a deep emotional level.

If you’re curious to hear this incredible song for yourself, I highly recommend checking out Fats Domino’s official website (Link: https://www.fatsdominoofficial.com/) or streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. Trust me, once you listen to “Tired of Crying,” you’ll be hooked!

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Fats Domino and discover the magic of “Tired of Crying.” Let the soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics transport you to a place where music truly touches the soul. Enjoy!

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Tired of Crying – Fats Domino lyrics

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Oh baby, I’m tired of crying over youOh baby, I’m tired of crying over youI cried that I love you soBut that’s where I ain’t gonna cry no more
Yes, you went away, now you want to come backNo, no, no, baby, there ain’t no day like thatI’m gonna be mean like you wanted to beAs I cried for you, now it’s your turn to cry for me
Yes, you heard my song, you heard it once beforeNo matter what you do, you gotta reap what you sowYeah, baby, that’s the way it’s gonna beAs I cried for you, now it’s your turn to cry for me

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