Elvis Presley’s “Kiss Me Quick” is a melodic masterpiece that transcends time, weaving a tale of love’s sweet embrace. Released in 1962, this enchanting ballad showcases the King’s ability to evoke emotions through his soul-stirring voice and heartfelt lyrics.

Did You Know?

Delving into the history of “Kiss Me Quick,” we find that Elvis Presley had an innate knack for capturing the essence of romance. The song, originally penned by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman, became an instant classic in Presley’s hands.

Did you know that “Kiss Me Quick” reflects the passionate yearning for love? Elvis’s rendition adds a layer of vulnerability to the song, making it an anthem for those captivated by the magic of romance.

Join us as we explore the depths of this timeless ballad, uncovering the story behind “Kiss Me Quick” and the everlasting impact of Elvis Presley’s romantic melodies.


Lyrics: Kiss Me Quick 

Kiss me quick, while we still have this feeling
Hold me close and never let me go
‘Cause tomorrows can be so uncertain
Love can fly and leave just hurting
Kiss me quick because I love you so

Kiss me quick and make my heart go crazy
Sigh that sigh and whisper oh so low
Tell me that tonight will last forever
Say that you will leave me never
Kiss me quick because I love you so

Let the band keep playing while we are swaying
Let’s keep on praying that we’ll never stop

Kiss me quick just can’t stand this waiting
‘Cause your lips are lips I long to know
Oh that kiss will open heaven’s door
And we’ll stay there forevermore
Kiss me quick because I love you so

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