Conway Twitty’s “I See The Want To In Your Eyes” stands as a poignant testament to the complexities of desire and longing, delivering a soul-stirring experience through its evocative lyrics and heartfelt melody. Released in 1974, this timeless classic continues to resonate with listeners, weaving a narrative of love, yearning, and emotional vulnerability.

Did You Know?

  • Born Harold Lloyd Jenkins, Conway Twitty was a legendary figure in the realm of country music, renowned for his velvety voice and unparalleled storytelling abilities. Throughout his illustrious career, Twitty crafted numerous hits that left an indelible mark on the genre.
  • “I See The Want To In Your Eyes” emerged as one of Twitty’s most iconic songs, serving as a testament to his mastery of lyrical depth and emotional resonance. The song’s introspective exploration of desire and longing struck a chord with audiences, earning widespread acclaim and enduring popularity.
  • Twitty’s nuanced delivery and heartfelt performance imbue “I See The Want To In Your Eyes” with a raw authenticity that transcends time, allowing it to remain relevant and relatable across generations.
  • As a cornerstone of Twitty’s musical legacy, “I See The Want To In Your Eyes” continues to captivate listeners with its timeless appeal, solidifying its status as a classic in the country music pantheon.


I see the sparkling little diamond on your hand
It’s plain to see that you’ve already got a man
I can tell you’re not about to fall for any of my lines
I see the want to in your eyes

Deep in your smile there’s a quiet, soft desire
Like the ember of a once raging fire
You know I could light that fire again
You know it isn’t wise
I see the want to in your eyes

How strong is a band of gold
Is it strong enough to hold
When a love has grown cold
And a woman wants a love, sweet and warm

How many women just like you have silent schemes
How many men like me do they sleep with in their dreams
You can stay or you can go and although I sympathize
I still see the want to in your eyes
I see the want to in your eyes

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