Rain Rain Go Away

Hey music lovers! Today, I want to introduce you to a classic tune that will transport you back in time. It’s none other than “Rain Rain Go Away” by the talented Bobby Vinton.

Released in 1962 as part of his album “Bobby Vinton Sings the Big Ones,” this song quickly became a hit and solidified Vinton’s place in music history. With his smooth vocals and heartfelt delivery, Vinton brings this timeless melody to life.

The composition of “Rain Rain Go Away” dates back even further, with its origins tracing back to a popular nursery rhyme. Vinton took this simple childhood tune and transformed it into a beautiful ballad that resonates with listeners of all ages.

But what does this song mean? Well, it’s all about longing for better days. The lyrics express a desire for the rain to stop and for the sun to come out, symbolizing a longing for happiness and brighter times. It’s a sentiment that many of us can relate to, especially during those gloomy days when we just want the rain to go away.

Throughout the years, “Rain Rain Go Away” has influenced countless artists and has been covered by various musicians. Its catchy melody and relatable lyrics have made it a staple in the world of music.

If you’re curious to hear more of Bobby Vinton’s incredible discography, I highly recommend checking out his other songs from the album “Bobby Vinton Sings the Big Ones.” You won’t be disappointed!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your headphones, click here to listen to “Rain Rain Go Away” and let the soothing melodies wash over you. Trust me, it’s a song that will brighten even the rainiest of days!


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Rain Rain Go Away – Bobby Vinton lyrics

🎵 Let’s sing along with the lyrics! 🎤

I can still remember When you moved in next door I brought you some choc’late From the corner candy store When it started raining You started crying too That was the first time I sang this song to you
Rain rain go away Come again some other day Rain rain go away Bring my love a sunny day
We grow up together And as the years went by Ev’rybody knew that we were Sweethearts you and I Through many April showers I held your hand in mine Between the raindrops We sang time after time
Rain rain go away Come again some other day Rain rain go away Bring my love a sunny day
I went away to college You said you’d wait for me Then I got your letter Asking me to set you free Tomorrow you’ll be married There’s nothing I can do But wish you sunshine Now and your whole life through
Rain rain go away Tomorrow is her wedding day Rain rain go away Bring my love a sunny day

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