Beyond the Sea

Hey there, music lovers! Today, I want to introduce you to a timeless classic that will transport you to the golden age of jazz. The song I’m talking about is “Beyond the Sea” by the legendary Bobby Darin.

Released in 1959, “Beyond the Sea” quickly became one of Darin’s signature songs. It was featured on his album “Don’t Worry Be Jazzy,” which showcased his incredible talent as a singer and songwriter.

The composition of “Beyond the Sea” is a fascinating story in itself. Originally written in French by Charles Trenet, the song was titled “La Mer.” Darin fell in love with the melody and decided to adapt it into English, adding his own lyrics to create the version we know and love today.

The song’s meaning is open to interpretation, but it’s often seen as a metaphor for longing and the desire to explore new horizons. With its dreamy lyrics and Darin’s smooth vocals, “Beyond the Sea” takes you on a journey to a place where the ocean meets the sky.

Over the years, “Beyond the Sea” has become a jazz standard, covered by countless artists. Its influence can be felt in movies, commercials, and even dance performances. The song’s timeless appeal continues to captivate audiences of all ages.

If you’re new to Bobby Darin’s music, “Beyond the Sea” is the perfect introduction. It showcases his incredible vocal range and his ability to infuse every note with emotion. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let the smooth sounds of “Beyond the Sea” transport you to a bygone era.

If you want to learn more about Bobby Darin and his incredible discography, check out his personal page. And if you’re interested in exploring more jazz music, be sure to dive into the world of Nhạc Jazz.

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Beyond the Sea – Bobby Darin lyrics

🎵 Let’s sing along with the lyrics! 🎤

Somewhere beyond the seaSomewhere waiting for meMy lover stands on golden sandsAnd watches the ships that go sailin’
Somewhere beyond the seaShe’s there watching for meIf I could fly like birds on highThen straight to her armsI’d go sailing
It’s far beyond the starsIt’s near beyond the moonI know beyond a doubtMy heart will lead me there soon
We’ll meet beyond the shoreWe’ll kiss just as beforeHappy we’ll be beyond the seaAnd never again I’ll go sailing
I know beyond a doubt, ahMy heart will lead me there soonWe’ll meet (I know we’ll meet) beyond the shoreWe’ll kiss just as beforeHappy we’ll be beyond the seaAnd never again I’ll go sailing
No more sailingSo long sailingBye bye sailing

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